Home Business Ideas – 7 Personal Services Businesses

Personal Services Businesses

Home business is an appealing idea for achieving personal finance independence and freedom. There are many different types of home business that people opt for and personal service home business is one of them. Personal service business is the one in which some type of service is provided to the users or customers rather than a product. Personal service business makes great home business ideas, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Here are seven personal service business ideas that can operated from home.

Collectibles Search

Collectibles searchers search for collectible items from swap meets, garage sales and thrift stores, which locate and collect pieces of art and antiques for clients. Once you find valuable items such as antique lunch boxes, grandfather clocks, dolls, etc. and sell it online at specialty forums on the internet. Once you have become an expert searcher, you can offer on demand services to your clients as well, searching a specific niche or type of objects.

Cover Letter/Resume Service

Everyone needs and apply for jobs but everyone cannot make themselves look good on paper. Writing a cover letter and resume is a talent and if you have it you can successfully turn it into a service business. With your editing and basic layout skills, you can help your client put their best foot forward by creating impressive and effective cover letters and resumes. It can be a viable home business for you.for more information, go to http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/technology/new-apps-to-help-business-get-in-step-with-mobile-customers

Specialty Blog

If you are well-versed in one or more topics, such as wedding planning, health and fitness, technology, food, etc. you can start a blog or website that provides expert advice to your users on the subject matter. You can recommend options, write reviews and publish articles, even answer questions. As long as you can offer good, useful advice you will generate plenty of money from sponsors, ads and affiliations.


There are many software available to help with bookkeeping but it does require a certain amount of skill and it is time consuming. Hence, there are many business owners which don’t have the time or the skill to manage their books, so you can provide a bookkeeping service from your home online, which can be good home business.

Executive Search

You can start a home business that helps busy clients find appropriate person for a job opening. You can place ads, conduct interviews to screen potential candidates and recommend a list of appropriate employees to the clients for consideration. You can improve the success of your service by providing the candidates with interview advice and tips.

Child Day Care

There are many parents who work full time and needs a safe and loving environment to leave their children while they are at work. So, if you are a children friendly person, you can start a daycare service home business. As long as you get a state license and meet other requirements, you can successfully run a home business taking care of children.

Dessert Service

Personal Services Businesses

If you have a talent for baking, you can run a successful home business supplying desserts and sweet dishes to small parties and get together. You can set up a website to show off your work and build your clientele. As long as your kitchen can handle it, you can make a lot of profit and build a successful business.

These are seven of many personal service businesses that you can start up and build from the comfort of your home. It can help you achieve personal finance goals and objectives. These personal service home business ideas can be great as long as you have the passion and skill for it.

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